Individual Therapy

People pursue therapy for a variety of reasons. Some people need to be heard, understood or simply experience the healing gift of being accepted as you are.  Others want guidance, personal or relationship coaching and access to the knowledge of a trained professional. Few experiences in life can be as enriching as the journey of self-discovery and personal transformation.  

​Some may enter therapy to address major life changes, such as divorce, adjusting to a new job, grieving the loss of a family member, etc. while others may seek help in managing mental health conditions like depression. There’s a common misconception that people who go to therapy are atypical when in fact, the average person in therapy is someone struggling with common, everyday issues such as anxiety, depression, handling conflict with a family member or spouse, etc.

Whatever the reason, it takes courage to attend therapy and it takes dedication to see the process through. Therapy is a collaborative effort. Together, client and therapist will determine: the goals of therapy; whether therapy should be short-or long-term; what treatment modalities the client may be comfortable with; etc. With the help of the right therapist, client’s can receive increased self-actualization, experience self-growth, have an improvement in interpersonal relationships, and feel a reduction in their emotional suffering. You can learn to experience, understand and become more at peace within yourself through the therapy process. You can learn to find a balance in your life, change what you want to change and increase your acceptance of your core self.  You can start to improve your relationships in the contexts of work, family, friendships or love.

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